Our company has been working successfully in the East European market for more then 21 years. At present time we proudly name ourselves as one of the largest providers of automobile security systems, car-audio and accessories.

STOPOL Group has long-term relationship with firms-producers in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, USA, Poland, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. There are more then 40 firms-representatives in the biggest Russian cities. The representations of the company are located in Russia, Poland, Ukrain.

For many years the company owns exclusive rights for trade marks Terminator, Cosa Nostra, Autotek, Fighter, Phantom, Centurion, Earthquake, Eclipse and etc.

We offer a wide range of car alarm and audio systems. Many items are the unique ones on the Russian market. Besides there are great many items of different purposes to comfort your car (please find those in the product catalogue from the left menu).

But for the steady and stable position, STOPOL Group never stops on what has been achieved, striving to offer the best and new innovations, convenient schemes of supply and co-operations.

Experts of the analytic laboratory constantly learn innovations of the leading producers, selecting and adopting those for the proper use on the East European market and elaborate new, exclusive systems. In result STOPOL Group not only extends the range of production but also offers something principle new.

STOPOL Group divides its knowledge and experience with its partners. The department of technical control always ready to provide any technical support and specialist's advice.

Researches of the department of advertisement and marketing allow promoting goods and services in the best fashion. STOPOL Group constantly supports its customers and dealers by advertisement on TV and in press. Regularly we also hold different PR-actions, as well as lotteries with valuable prizes. To support our regional dealers we offer a wide range of polygraphic advertisement and souvenirs. Annually STOPOL Group awards the best of dealers and distributors with diplomas and valuable prizes.

We appreciate each of our customers and would like to assure you that each collaborator of our company will make his best to prove a mutually profitable and interesting co-operation, and will never to disappoint you in your choice.